Routine Appointments


New Patient 

For patients coming to our clinic for the first time. This appointment type will be required to set up your plan of care at Sale Creek Primary Care. New patient appointments typically take 30 minutes and are available at 9:00 am and 2:00pm. 


Sick Visit

An acute illness or disease process that is not currently being treated. It may involve an acute flare of a chronic medical condition that requires a new treatment regimen. A sick visit typically takes 15 minutes. 


Sports Physical

Athletes requiring clearance for participation in school, recreational, travel or competitive sports. A sports physical appointment generally takes 20 minutes, please bring your required forms.


Speciality Appointments

Annual Wellness Exam

The intention of this exam is prevention and health risk assessment.  The Affordable Care Act of 2010 created this visit for insurance beneficiaries to ensure they are receiving all preventative services covered. It does not include chronic medical problems or existing issues. If you require medication refills, lab orders, medical supplies or referrals, a separate visit can be made the day of this appointment to address any chronic conditions.  This appointment can take 30 minutes.



A lab appointment for patients on Coumadin (warfarin). PT/INR (lab work), blood pressure, heart rate check, and any adjustments in medication warranted will be made at this point of care visit. This is a 10 minute visit. 


Emergency Room/Hospital Follow Up 

After a change in the level of care (nursing home, hospital, rehab) this visit type is required by some insurances after discharge from higher levels of care. Typically takes 15-20 minutes.


Plan of Care Meeting

A summative review of the medical, physical, psychological, financial and social aspect of the patient. The patient or provider may request this type of visit to clarify goals of treatment or address concerns. The patient must be present during this type of appointment and family members/caregivers are encouraged to attend. We believe an assessment of the patient’s care plan with a team approach is best way to improve quality of life.  This visit will generally take 30 minutes.


Lab/Injection Visit

Patients will be assisted by one of our lab/nursing staff to provide a prompt and pleasant experience so you can be on your way quickly.  Lab/injection visits take 10 minutes.


Oxygen Necessity/Recertification

If you are on chronic oxygen or CPAP/BiPAP requiring documentation for insurance purposes, you may be requested by our staff to make an appointment to meet these strict documentation criteria. Refills and other chronic conditions will not be provided during this visit.  However, we will be more than happy to make you follow-up visit to discuss any additional needs or concerns. This visit takes 15 minutes. Please list the other visits like “other services include.” 



Finger nail/Toe nail removal


Knee and Hip Injection


Laceration Repair


Wart Removal


Skin tag Removal


Abscess Incision and Drainage